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Each month, this website will interview a local runner.  This runner may not
necessarily set records, but instead shows a desire and dedication for the
Dawn and Carrie Zimmerman recieve their age group awards at the Making
Tracks for a Track 4 Mile Relay in 2004

I am a former Fairview graduate currently living in Bryan with my husband Scott and my 2-year old daughter Katie.  I work
at Ney Oil part time and am a stay-at-home mom part time.  I also teach aerobics and yoga and do some personal training.

How long have you been running?

I’ve only been running about 4 years.  I never ran in high school and never ran for fun until a few years ago.  In 2001, I
decided it would be fun to train for a marathon even though at that time, I could hardly even run a mile, but I just started
building up and have been running ever since.

What is your favorite race?

½ marathons are my favorite distance to race because it is enough of a challenge that I have to follow a training schedule
so it keeps me running.  My favorite local race has to be the Apache 5K of course, but my favorite race other than that has
been the Disney Marathon because it made the race exciting running through all the different theme parks.

Favorite type of run:

My favorite run is interval training on the track.  I’m very slow, so my “sprints” are at about 8- or 9-minute mile pace, but it’
s fun for me to see improvements in how fast I can do my intervals.

Least favorite type of run:

My least favorite is definitely hills, which I never do.  This fall I’m running a ½ marathon in San Francisco, so I’m going to
try to change my ways.

Personal bests:

Since I’m fairly new to running, almost every race I do is a new PR, so I don’t think too much about those.  My best 5K time
is around 29 minutes, which I was trying to beat at the Apache 5K, but Curt had the weather way too hot so I have to wait
until my next race to do better.

Favorite running achievement:

By far, my favorite achievement is finishing the Disney Marathon.  I ran through a program called Team Diabetes where I
raised over $3000 for the American Diabetes Association.  I went from not running at all to finishing a marathon after
about 4 months of training.  I was also very proud of myself last year for finishing the Nashville County Music ½ Marathon
less than 6 months after having my daughter.

Goals for the future:

My general goal since spring has been to continue to do at least some running every week.  In the past, I have run for a
few months then taken several months off with no running at all, so consistency has not been my strength.  My goal for
the summer was a 5K in under 30 minutes, which I did in my first race of the summer, so the new goal is under 27
minutes.  My goal for the fall is to run the US ½ Marathon in San Francisco in under 2.5 hours (I’ve run that speed before
but not with hills), and I would like to finish another full marathon sometime in the next few years.

Advice to starting runners:

Participate in local 5K’s and other races.  Even if you are not a great runner (I’m usually about last place), it’s lots of fun
and gets you excited about running.  My other advice is to listen to your body and rest when you need it.

Favorite quotes:

The miracle isn’t that I finished...The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”

Something I’ve learned over time:

Everybody has a different opinion on how to train, how much to run, etc.  You have to do what works for you.  The best
training schedule in the world won’t work if you hate it and don’t stick to it.  Find a schedule you can stick to and then do

What do you like to see at a race?

Organization, organization, organization.  I hate waiting around for an hour while they try to figure out who won the age
groups.  A course that’s not too boring helps, too.

What makes a good runner?

irst of all, I think any runner is a good runner.  When I’m at the back of the pack at a race, I always remind myself that I
beat all the lazy people at home on the couch who couldn’t even run for a minute!  For a good competitive runner, hard
work obviously is very important, and I think preventing injuries as much as possible by cross training, stretching, and
being educated on how the body works is also key.
(note- I really like that answer)

Benefits I’ve gained from running:

I’ve learned that my body can do more than I think it can.

To motivate myself:

I like to keep motivated by training for a certain race, especially half marathons.  Setting goals keeps me motivated to run.

Thank you, Dawn, for taking the time to answer these questions and serving as an example for those who want to start running but
haven't yet.
Dawn Davis
April 2005
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