Runner of the Month
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February, 2004
Brock Rhodes
Past runners of the month
 Josh Neilson
This month's chosen runner has been chosen for many reasons.  I first saw
Brock running road races when he was in the fourth grade and I immediately
began to look forward to when I would be able to coach him, and I finally had
the opportunity to this year.  Needless to say, he has quite a future ahead of
him in whatever he sets out to do.  Enough of this, on with the interview.
Personal Status

13, attends Fairview Middle School, runs cross country, track, plays basketball,  on
the quiz bowl team and is on student council.

What is your favorite race?

Apache Run 5K, and the Delta Invitational (cross country race)

What is your personal record?

12:59 for two miles

What is the toughest race you have participated in?

Antwerp cross country race (many, many steep hills)

What are your goals for the future?

Come first in a 5K, win another junior high GMC (Green Meadows Conference) track
title and win the high school GMC track title in the future.

What is your most memorable running highlight?

Winning junior high cross country championships. note-one of my favorite moments

What is your longest run?

6 miles.

What is the best thing about running?

You get to run in a lot of neat places, and you don't have to be big.

What is the worst thing about running?

Side stitches- how could I disagree with that one

Emarassing moment while running?

At my first 5K, I teased my mom about how slow she is, then she catches up with me
at the end.
I know his mother- that would be embarrassing (ha, ha)

What is something you have learned over time?

Pace yourself and run smart.