Runner of the Month
Each month, this website will interview a local runner.  This runner
may not necessarily set records, but instead shows a desire and
dedication for the sport.
Daniel Ordaz, right, is congratulated on another
impressive performance at the Apache Run 5K.
Daniel Ordaz, Sr. and Daniel Ordaz, Jr. pose with
their trophies after winning the first ever Making
Tracks for a Track 4 Mile Relay.  Daniel, Jr.
proceeded to win the Male/female category the
following year with Alisha Westrick.
Dan takes off on his leg of the Making
Track for a Track 4 Mile Relay.

I grew up in Holgate and graduated in 1993.  I ran c.c. , track and played basketball.  I currently live in Napoleon and work at Henry
County Hospital as an xray technician.  In December I will be leaving to begin medical school.

How long have I been running?

This June will be the start of my 4th year that I took up running again since high school.

What is your favorite race?

I enjoy about any 5k the most.  But I'm also very fond of the 2 mile relay you put on.  I enjoy the different distance and the teamwork.

Favorite type of run:

Tempo or tempo intervals because they make me feel fast and strong but they don't beat on your body like a hard track session does.

Least favorite type of run:

Long runs.  I feel good after, but getting myself ready to go out and do it is a drag.

Personal bests:

5k: 16.45    10K: low 36's    1/2 marathon:  1hr 19 min 19 sec
marathon: 3hr 09 min 53 sec
planning on beating all these this year though.

Favorite running achievements:

Winning any race.  Qualifying for Boston this year.  Going to run in china as a high school junior.  Winning the 2 mile relay overall with
my dad and winning the guy/girl with my girlfriend.

Running influences:

My dad because at his age (50) he keeps going and stays competitive.  I really enjoyed watching him qualify for Boston on his first try
and look forward to running in it with him.  Also my girlfriend for her dedication and hard work that she is always willing to put in.  It
helps me to push my self.  I wouldn't have been as well trained this off season and for Boston if it weren't for her doing all my long
runs with me.

Goals for future:

To keep up my running and break all my PR's this summer.

Advice to starting runners:

Start off easy don't jump in to fast or you'll just get hurt.  Improving in running is a long process that takes years.  Start off with a good
base of mileage(long and slow)  before you start doing speed work.

Favorite running products:

A good post recovery drink can do wonders.  Endurox r4 is awesome.  Amino Vital Pro is pretty good too for pre and post.  Also if you
run high mileage a good one a day to make sure your getting the proper vitamins and minerals in your diet (mega man at gnc).  

Embarrasing moments:

none yet--knock on wood

Favorite quotes:

If it were easy, everyone would be good.

Something I've learned over time:

A good high mileage off season can do wonders.

What do you like to see at a race:

I like to see friendliness.  Thats what is great about road racing.  You go out there and compete and afterwards everyone is always so
friendly.  It's a great way to meet new people.  Also organization.  Nothing worse that an unorganized race.

What makes a good runner (high schoolers):  

Desire and dedication.  The desire to want to be the best you can and the dedication to put in the work required even if it means you
have to sacrifice things.  There is always someone out there working harder.

Benefits I've gained from running:

It makes me more disciplined with my time and day which affects all aspects of my life.  Also the health benefits of being in shape are

To motivate myself:

To motivate myself I will listen to music(very loud), watch a good running movie(without limits), pick up runnersworld, or read running
forums or articles online.

Thanks, Daniel, you have accomplished a lot and will continue to I am sure.  Also, congratulations on qualifying for the Boston Marathon
and good luck there and with your other races.
Daniel Ordaz
March 2005
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