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Each month, this website will interview a local runner.  This runner may not
necessarily set records, but instead shows a desire and dedication for the
Matt is a regular fixture at area races, whether it be as a runner or as
helper as seen here (second from left) with Brad Hurtig, Katie Robinson
and Andy Robinson.  Matt has been a big part of all 6 of the Apache Runs.

25 years old, soon to be married to the lovely Julia Graves, graduate of Fairview HS, Northwest State CC, and Defiance
College, entering graduate school at the University of Akron this fall(Masters of Applied Politics), former cross country and
track coach at Fairview, Hicksville, and Defiance

How long have you been running?

I have been running since the summer of 1994, with small pockets of inactivity throughout.

What is your favorite race?

In high school, I loved the Van Wert Invitational or Perrysburg Invitational(at Perrysburg, I would wait by Agony Hill at
watch all the girls crying as they ran up the hill a second time)...of the summer race variety, of course the Apache 5k, I've
never missed one..

What is your least favorite race?

The Hudson, Michigan Cross Country Open race in late July. It gets a little hilly in southern Michigan, and this course is
not one you want to run to get a PR on.

Favorite type of run:

Medium pace 6 mile run with a cool breeze

Least favorite type of run:

All runs are fun, otherwise, why run?

Longest Run:

12.5 miles

Personal bests:

Don't think we need to go there, it might make Cale Sito, Andrew Hange, and Curt Foust very jealous-lets just say I qualify
as a "triple threat"-which means I have the ability to finish in the back of the pack of both mid-distance, 5K, and +5k races
(at least I'm consistant)

Favorite running achievements:  

Dominating the Clydesdale division of Dave's 10 Mile Run near name can only be heard in whispers in
reverence to my display of running prowess

Favorite coaching achievement:

Being a part of the Fairview CC program over the past couple of years, from the old guard of Josh Neilson, Jeff Hange,
Brian Gorrell (etc..) to the new guard of Andrew Hange, Justin Perkins, Brock Rhodes, and all the runners in between. No
one moment sticks out in particular, just the greatness of all the kids, their willingness to learn and run with all the ability
that God gave them

Running influences:

First and foremost, Curt Foust. As both a teammate, coach, and later collegue, Curt has been a great coach and mentor to
both runners and coaches alike. No one spends more time and effort on his responsibilities than Curt, and I think that is
evident in the success he has had at a relatively young age.  
(thanks Matt, I appreciate it)

Goals for future:

I've kicked around the idea of a marathon for a few years, and I suppose the fact that the Akron Marathon is run 3 feet from
my front door will lead me to eventually give it a try.

Advice to starting runners:

If you run in the Fairview program, listen to what Coach Foust has to say. He's been where you want to reach as a runner,
and he will get you there, as long as you LISTEN and FOLLOW what he has to say.  If your not a Fairview runner, run as
much as you can, and try to do it every will get easier the more and more you do it.

Favorite running products:

I love both Asics and Mizuno shoes, as they both have quality shoes for those of us who might be a little heavy in our

Embarrassing moments:

Heat exhaustion after the Wayne Trace Invitational my sophmore year, I remembering collapsing to the ground and not
being able to see for 30 minutes afterward, and then throwing up with a lot of girls standing nearby, and hearing one
exclaim, "Oh wow, that attractive"

Something I've learned over time:

Being in the front of the race at the 1/2 mile point of a cross country race is not important...too many young runners do not
seem to understand this.

What makes a good runner and/or leader (high schoolers):

A good runner is one who puts in miles and has a little bit athletic ability to boot..  A good leader is much more important,
as it requires a high school student to act with both wisdom and maturity in the face of the commonplace high school

What is something you've learned over time?  

It is best to not eat a bag of circus peanuts before practice.

Thank you Matt for being a great influence in Northwest Ohio Running especially for all the time and help you have given the
Fairview High School and junior high cross country programs.
Matt Timbrook
May 2005
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