Runner of the Month
Each month, this website will interview a local runner.  This runner may
not necessarily set records, but instead shows a desire and dedication
for the sport.
Karen and her Making Tracks for a Track relay
partner, Linsi Light, pose after receiving their
What is your favorite race?

Well, in college(Ohio Northern) I like the 1500 meter race outdoors and the 1000 meters
indoors, and just about every 5K whether it be a road race or in cross, but not on the

What is your personal record?

5K- 21:10                     1600- 5:29
800-2:29                       2 mile- 12:20

What is your favorite type of run?

I love long, fast runs.

What is the toughest race you have participated in?

The first time I ran with the college team at a race was really scary because I didn't know
how I would do.

What is your least favorite run?

Run on hills.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to make varsity in cross country this season and to break 21 minutes in the 5K.  To
one day run a marathon.  Lastly, to run forever.

What is your favorite shoe?

I like the New Balance shoes I own right now, they are really good.

What is your most memorable running highlight?

Making it to Regionals in cross country my senior year, and qualifying for conference in
college for the indoor season because it was the last meet and everyone was cheering
for me... those two have to tie.

What is your longest run?

11 miles

What is the best thing about running?

It allows a person to think and relax, have fun, and to free all at the same time.

What is the worst thing about running?

You can't do it all day long.

Embarrassing moment while running?  

Well, when I first started running (could only run like 2 miles) I tried a 5K here in
Montpelier, and I ran 35 minutes which I thought was good because I didn't get last, so I
went to another  5K in Hudson and well... I was last there.  It took me like 45 minutes to
finish, it was very humiliating.  There were so many people there, my coach was there and
everything.  Wow, it was bad.

What is something you have learned over time?

Running takes a lot of hard work and a lot of patience.  Results may not be immediate but
hard work does pay off.  Never let anyone doubt you, it is fun to prove them wrong.
Karen Miller
August 2004
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Past runners of the month
Josh Neilson
Karen, 2003 overall winner
of the Apache Run 5K,
accepts her award for this
years race.
Thank you, Karen, for taking the time to answer the questions and good luck in cross
country next year.