Runner of the Month
Each month, this website will interview a local runner.  This runner
may not necessarily set records, but instead shows a desire and
dedication for the sport.
Here, John is competing in a college
cross country meet for
Defiance Collge.
John accepts his award for winning the
2004 Apache Run 5K.
Personal Status

Senior at Defiance College

What is your favorite race?

The ones where I win...j/k. My favorite race now is the 800 meter run. I hated this race
in high school though.

What is your personal record(s)?

I have a bunch, for the 800 1:56, 1500 4:09, 3000 9:15, 5k 16:25 that is just a few...

How did you get started running?

I grew up watching my brothers and sister run. I would always want to run in the road
races when I was little, but my mom wouldn't let me. You grow to learn to run when
being the youngest of four, or you will get tickle tortured.

Who have been some of your influences?

My brother's, I wanted to beat their times. Also my coaches who have always seen the
potential I never did. My parents were my biggest influence; they are hard working
people and instilled that in me.

What are some of your accomplishments you are most proud of?  (High school, college, other)

Going to state twice in cross and once for the mile in Track. Being named freshman of
the year for cross and track in college. Winning the 800-meter run at conference for
two years in a row. I hope to make it three.

What is your favorite type of run?

I like the long hr runs that are at a nice study pace.

What is the toughest race you have participated in?

I have two, first was at the regional meet for the mile and the top five "me included"
ran neck and neck the whole way till the last 200 meters where I hit the wall and
couldn't sprint. I was on pace to set a personal best.
The second race was at the HCAC conference meet my sophomore year in the 4x4.
We were running neck and neck with the top three teams and I had to stay under
control and not try to sprint right away. I did and in the end we won. The sweetest
feeling ever.

What is your least favorite type of run?

When I have to go out and do mile repeats in the same spot all season long.

What are your goals for the future?

I want to make it to Nationals this year in the 800 meter run, graduate with a degree
information technology and find a great job. Also some day I want to run a marathon
or do a triathlon.

What are some of the road races you have won?

The Apache 5k 2004, Sole to Soul 5k 2004, Archbold Run for the Lights 2002

What is your favorite shoe?

I prefer to run in Nikes, they just fit my feet well and seem to have the best support.

What is your longest run?

14.4 miles all at once after not running for a few weeks in high school. Let's just say
that I was in some pain the next few days.

What is the best thing about running?

It's being able to relieve all your stress for the period of the run, the ability to clear my
mind, or just the feeling inside I get when you know that all the training I have done for
that one race has paid off. It's just a feeling that can only be felt by oneself and to each
their own.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and being a good influence for others
and a strong supporter of area races.
John McColl
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