Runner of the Month
Each month, this website will interview a local runner.  This runner may
not necessarily set records, but instead shows a desire and dedication
for the sport.
Jay participates in the 2004 Boston Marathon.  One of
many marathons that he has run.
This month I have the honor of interviewing Jay Prichard from Van Wert.  Jay is a runner that I respect
very much for his running and what he has done for local running. Not only is Jay a great runner, he is a
great person who encourages and motivates others. Even before I knew him personally, Jay alway
congratulated me and the other runners in the races I have run with him.  Thank you Jay for taking the
time to do this interview.
What is your favorite race?

The Boston Marathon

What is your personal record?

marathon- 2:57                          10K-35:35
half-marathon- 1:19                    5K-17:10

What is your favorite type of run?

From 5K to the marathon, I like them equally.  They all have their special unique

What is the toughest race you have participated in?

My 7 New York City Marathons.  I have always "hit the wall" at that race.  For some reason
that course tears me up.

What is your least favorite run?

I don't like running on grass (cross country) very well.

What are your goals for the future?

I don't know why, but when I turned 40, I said I wanted to break 18:40 (sub 6 minute miles
for the 5K when I was 50.  I put a sign up the garage stating that goal.  In 3 years I'll see if
this ten year goal becomes a reality.

What is your favorite shoe?

Nike Air Pegasus

What is your most memorable running highlight?

In 1991, running a 2:59 Boston Marathon.  It was my first of 4 Boston Marathons and it
was the first time I had broken 3 hours in a marathon.

What is your longest run?

Training- 20 milers getting ready for a marathon
Racing- 26.2 mile marathons

What is the best thing about running?

The self gratification you get from the sport.

What is the worst thing about running?

Having an injury and you can't run.  I about go nuts.

Embarrassing moment while running?  

I had to drop out of the Van Wert Reservoir half marathon because of a leg injury and had
to walk back to the finish line.

What is something you have learned over time?

Eating healthy does not improve running times.  I ate real healthy for several years and
only when I went back to eating anything I wanted did my times improve.
note: (As a cross
country coach I better disagree- ha, ha)
Jay Prichard
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