Runner of the Month
Each month, this website will interview a local runner.  This runner may
not necessarily set records, but instead shows a desire and dedication
for the sport.
NIc gathered many awards while running in the 4x800 for
the last 2 years.  One of these accomplishments was
making it to state in 2003.
Past runners of the month
Josh Neilson
February: Brock Rhodes
March:     Tina Beattie
April:        Bill Mack
May:        Kevin and Elizabeth
Personal Status

18, recent Fairview graduate, single and looking for that special girl (welcome to the
defiance country runner dating service)
I participated 2 years in cross country and track.  
Also, 3 years in wrestling.  I am looking to go to Defiance College and be an assistant
cross country coach for Fairview.

What is your favorite race?

Van Wert Invitational cross country course, because it reminds me of my childhood.

What is your personal record?

17:24 in cross country at Tiffin Regionals, 4x800- 8:12.72 (with the help of Cale Sito,
Andrew, Hange, and Mike Mack.)
 800-2:08, 1600- 4:50

What is your favorite type of run?

Fridays, because they are usually 20 minutes easy.

What is the toughest race you have participated in?

A 5K road race in Stryker.  The reason it was more difficult than any other 5K is because I
went a half mile out of my way.  I did manage to get 2nd place.

What is your least favorite run?

Any run that is in the blistering heat or cold.

What is your favorite shoe?

Any shoe that is made for running.  I am not picky, just cheap.

What is your most memorable running highlight?

It was the 2003 track season and our 4x800 relay team qualified to go to regionals at
Fostoria.  We were nervous, to say the least.  Except for Cale, he knew we would make it
out and go to state.  Cale was right, we got third and we got to go to Dayton and ran at
state.  That regional race will stick with me forever.

What is your longest run?

My longest race was 5 miles and my longest run period was 8 miles.

What is the best thing about running?

Getting some Gatorade after I finish.  Meeting new people and old "friends" at the various

Embarrassing moment while running?  

It was my first year of cross country and we were at the Columbus Grove Invitational.  
Anywho, I am running the race and I guess I am doing "great" for about three weeks of
conditioning, but not feeling so great.  Anyways in this particular cross country race, the
race ended on a track.  Well, at this point, I am about ready to drop dead, so I started
walking and everyone was watching.  I have been teased about that race almost
everyday since.

What is something you have learned over time?

That brownies and Gatorade don't go well together.  But seriously, I have learned that
running takes dedication if you want to be the best you can be.
Nic Alvarez
June 2004
Here, Nic is looking strong at
the Clay Invitational in Oregon
Nic "Weird Al" varaz takes a break from
the competitiveness of cross country
and track.